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Little Isaac with his great catch

Bottom Fishing

Isaac (above) is a perfect example of why families love to go bottom fishing - kids catch fish using live bait - a great way to introduce deep sea fishing to the next generation.



Westport Salmon 2010

Last year, Westport's salmon fishing was one of the best in years.

Coho were 'dying' to get on our decks.

This year promises to be a fantastic Chinook year.



Westport Combo Trip

Combine the best of world-class salmon fishing with the fast-past catching of bass fishing and you get a full day of excellent sport fishing.


Fish recognize a bad leader.
Conan O'Brien




Captain Phil and the Ultimate will be fishing

out of Westport only for the 2012 season!


   Lingcod/Rockfish... Begins Sat., March 17th


   Halibut... Begins Sun., May 6, 2012


   Salmon... will be announced in April (possible Mid-June Opener)


   Combo Lingcod/Salmon... (possible Mid-June Opener


   Albacore Tuna... We'll start mid-August 




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